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Here is a description of what sponsorship means for your company. Your organization is willing to take a stand in your community, by supporting, us to increasing driving education to our youth,  into ending distracted driving and making everyone's commute safer by ending the "War on the Roads". 


Buckerson Motorcycle Awarenes Rally

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Held annually,  this event brings an open forum to the public and helps to introduce the motorcycle community and automotive drivers on a level playing field. We coordinate with local small businesses and law enforcement to bring a wonderful event filled with educational and safety material for everyone. We wrap up this event with a motorcycle ride to the Lansing Capitol Building.


Down Rider Fund

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Accidents happen. We do our best to prevent them, and this Foundation will continue to do our part. However, there are victims of motorcycle accidents who need our help, whether it be medical support, financial relief due to recovery, or simple help with day to day activities. And for those who have lost loved ones, unexpected costs can be a heavy burden. Our Down Rider Fund is there to provide financial relief when needed, so the victim and their families can focus on what is most important, recovery. 

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